VCGLR launches new safe function guidelines


VCGLR launches new safe function guidelines

There is a new resource that will assist gaming venues which hold special events and functions to safely run events and remain compliant, according to Sky Accountants Ballarat. The VCGLR has launched a set of safe function guidelines to support licensees that hold different events including birthdays, events, award nights and other special functions.

The guidelines outline the legal obligations of licensees and provide guidance on the recommended best practices for events in terms of minors, responsible service of alcohol and security, among others. These guidelines were developed with the businesses in the industry. These will be useful for those which have function spaces or premises dedicated for reception venues such as restaurants and pubs.

As a licensee, you must ensure that all conditions, including trading hours and those listed on the liquor license are adhered to and that all required signage and the liquor license are prominently displayed. You should also make sure that all staff are trained in the Responsible Service of Alcohol and that you maintain a current RSA register which is always readily available for inspection. Free drinking water at all times is also required. Alcohol should not be served to minors and intoxicated persons.

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According to VCGLR, responsible management of alcohol involves making sure all unattended drinks are collected and empty glasses are cleared regularly. There should also be no sculling competitions and that staff always ask guests prior to re-filling their glass with alcohol. Security should also act as guest liaison officers, manage crowds and gate crashers and keep guests safe.

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