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It’s important to learn about job costing and know which method works best for your trades business to avoid losses. Job costing is no longer a manual task because of available digital solutions. You would need to balance out more projects than your spreadsheet can handle so it’s best to do job costing correctly before you complete jobs and make losses.

Job costing software can give you accurate and consistent breakdown of you job costing. You will be on top of your projects and know your position at each stage of the job. You’ll understand where you gain or lose your profits. Job costing software can also help you keep on target next to estimation.

Nobody likes missed deadlines. You may be overwhelmed or you may lack balance in your processes. Job costing software can notify you of important dates and help you keep up with deadlines through a calendar.

There are various job costing methods but your chosen method has to track the hours you work. The time tracking feature will help you determine your profit on a job or measure the performance of your team against estimate time.

Your job costing software can also help you plan jobs and projects. You can see an overview of who’s working on what so you can delegate better and push team productivity forward. Your administration team will appreciate the insightful reporting feature. You won’t need to keep up with jobs and team activities manually as the feature helps you better manage deadlines, job statuses and team member allocation.

Job costing software is designed to eliminate complexity in tradies’ routine. All you need is to enter a new job, customer name, job name and location. You can see team allocation, filter job variations and see dates and milestones in one place.

One of the top options is Buildertrend, which has made the lives of remodelers, homebuilders and contractors easier. It is highly rated and comes with useful features for increasing profitability and productivity. You can use Buildertrend to bid requests, create proposals or estimates and do email marketing while pushing leads. You might need a project manager to do daily to-do lists and logs. You can send documents and photos, use financial tools to make invoicing and payment processing easier. You can track time to complete jobs and manage purchase orders or change orders. Your customers can communicate and leave reviews in Buildertrend as well.

simPRO is known for organising  construction workflows. Similar to Buildertrend, simPRO can cover gaps between project processes and administration. The comprehensive workflow feature can create a quote and convert it to track a job as an invoice. Electricians and construction workers benefit from it. simPRO collects and makes payments and give credit memos. You can also use this software to communicate with your clients.

Tasks such as initial job costing, costing, scheduling and invoicing before commencing the job are catered in the service job management feature. You can control your cash flow by accessing resources on your mobile device. simPRO makes viewing costing, job history, documents and photos and other job information simpler. You can access this on your computer, table or mobile phone without the hassle of compiling paper. The software can even be used offline.

Cash flow is significantly impacted by invoice and fund management. To avoid time management problems, invoice right after the job is received. You can send out the price and get paid quickly through automation. Don’t run out of money and reduce stress from late payments.

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