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Do you have an employee or contractor? You need to classify your workers correctly as it can affect your tax, superannuation and other obligations and you may incur penalties if you are proven wrong. An employee is someone who works in your business whereas a contractor operates his or her own business. For tax and superannuation purposes, here are some factors you should consider to determine whether or not your worker is an employee.

If an employee cannot work, he or she cannot delegate or subcontract the work or pay someone else to do it. The employer will have another staff member to cover the work. A contractor, on the other hand, can delegate and pay someone to do this work.

Contractor or employee?

If you pay a work a set amount for a set period like an award rate, hourly rate or annual salary, they are considered an employee but if you pay for an agreed result based on a quote, they are a contractor.

If your business provides equipment and tools to allow them to deliver a product or service or if your worker provides their own equipment and tools but you provide allowance or reimburse the cost, the worker is an employee. Otherwise, he is a contractor.

An employee doesn’t take commercial risk as the business is legally responsible for his or her work and liable for rectifying any defect in the work but a contractor takes commercial risks, being responsible for his or her work.

Your business has the right to direct how your employee does his or her work while a contractor has freedom in his work subject to the terms of your agreement.

Employees also do not operate independently of the business but contractors operate their own business independently. A contractor performs services specified in your contract and can accept or refuse any additional work.

Employees are persons as well. You can hire a company, trust or partnership with a contracting relationship for tax and superannuation purposes. The people may be the contractor’s directors, partners or employees but they are not your employees.

Find out if your worker is an employee or a contractor for tax and superannuation purposes and to avoid any penalties. Talk to a tradies accountant for more details.

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