Technology trends in the hospitality industry in 2018


1. Cardless payment

The cardless payment technology hype in Australia has started a few years ago and the hospitality industry is becoming more and more reliant on the tap-and-go system.  Many customers now forego cash in favour of their smartphones to pay at restaurants.  It may even have become a need in the industry.

Invoice2Go and CommBank have introduced affordable technology that allows small businesses to accept payments such as tap-and-go systems.  It is not impossible then that most, if not all, fine dining restaurants and local takeaway shops alike will offer this service soon.

2. Wireless recharge facilities

Meanwhile, wireless recharge facilities are also starting to create memorable customer experiences.  You can easily install wireless power stations in your venue so your customers will instantly notice the benefit.  It can bring more business into your venue.

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3. Digital menu

Digital menus or do-it-yourself ordering systems, on the other hand, are more environmentally friendly and fun to use.  These often come in a tablet form which links to the kitchen, reducing the need for wait staff and saving your business manpower costs.  Digital menus also improve the accuracy of ordering and effectively avoid confused bills and incorrect dishes.  Customers can also enter notes for special requests and find nutritional information and updates on the tablet.

4. Plant-based technology

Veganism has taken over Australia as well, requiring specific ingredients and imaginative plant-based food options.  Vegan burgers, dairy-free ice cream and cheese and flour-free bread have been making waves recently and non-vegans are being encouraged to eat more vegetables in lieu of meat.  It may be a good idea to experiment with reusing food scraps, fermentation and pickling to create delicious items on your menu.  Because of the focus on health, customers have also become interested where the produce is coming from.  There is now a chip technology that tracks produce from farm to table, effectively eliminating concerns over factory farming conditions.

Change is good and welcoming technology could be an exciting move for your business in this increasingly tech-driven time.  It does not have to be expensive but knowing about small projects you can begin with can be the start of bigger projects in the future.

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