Sky Accountants welcomes new Senior Mortgage Broker, Kevin Mortimer

JobKeeper Payment Update – Treasurer’s Rules Released

JobKeeper Payment Legislation Passed

“JobKeeper Payment” Wage Subsidy Announced

Sky Update – March 2020

Boosting Cashflow for Employers

Coronavirus Update – Business as Usual

Government Announces Coronavirus Economic Response Package

Sky Update – February 2020

Sky Update – January 2020

Agricultural, Agribusiness & Farm Accounting | Small Business Guide | Sky Accountants Ballarat

Accountants Melbourne

Sky Update – December 2019

Accountants Ballarat: Common travel and accommodation issues that businesses should be wary of

Accountants Sunbury: Common travel and accommodation issues that businesses should be wary of

Accountants Ballarat and Bookkeepers Ballarat: Things you Need to Know: Accommodation and Food Services Industry

Accountants Ballarat: Common travel and accommodation issues that businesses should be wary of

Accountants Ballarat: How Xero can grow and allow your business to save money and streamline its processes

Accountants Sunbury: All You Need to Know About Setting Up Your Xero Account

Accountants Melbourne (Gisborne & Sunbury): SMSF Trustees to Lose Tax Breaks due to New Legislation

Business Accountants Melbourne: Business Tax Deductions to Take Advantage of

Accountants Melbourne: Complete Single Touch Payroll Guide

Mortgage Broker Ballarat: What’s the Best Repayment Structure for you?

Accountants Ballarat: How to Transfer Data to Xero

Sky Accountants Ballarat & Bookkeepers Ballarat: SMSF

Sporting Club Accountants: Sports Tipping and Hard Meter Readings

Farm Accountants: Need a Drought Loan to Help Fund a New Investment or Ease Financial Pressure?

Sunbury Accountants: Grow your business through the R&D Tax Incentive

Financial Planners Ballarat: SMSF Investment Options & Pitfalls

Sky Accountants Ballarat & Bookkeepers Ballarat: Company Business Structure

Mortgage Broker Ballarat: Important Things to Consider Before Making a Decision to Refinance

Sky Accountants Ballarat & Bookkeepers Ballarat: Tradies

Sky Accountants Ballarat & Bookkeepers Ballarat: Manufacturing Accountants: Raw Materials and Finished Goods Inventory

Sky Update – November 2019

Sky Accountants & Bookkeepers Ballarat: Capital Gains Tax

Sky Accountants Bookkeepers Ballarat: Retirement Fund

Sky Accountants & Bookkeepers Ballarat: Franchise Accountant

Sky Accountants & Bookkeepers Ballarat: Xero or MYOB?

Sky Accountants Ballarat: Partnership Business Structure

Sky Accountants Ballarat: Family Trust

Sky Accountants Ballarat: Sole Trading or Trust?

Sky Accountants Ballarat: SMSF

Sky Update – October 2019

Ballarat Bookkeeping Services & Xero Bookkeeping – The Costs and Savings of Hiring an Accountant

Café Consulting | Sky Accountants | Build Your Café – Victoria

Cafe Accountants, Bookkeepers & Hospitality Accounting Specialists: Labour Cost Standards

Restaurant and Club Accounting: Opening and Closing Checklist

Club Accountants: How to Do Liquor Inventory

What Does a Cafe or Bar Bookkeeper Do?

Cafe and Bar Consultants: Inventory and Spoilage

Bar & Hotel Accounting: How to Keep Accounting Records for your Hotel or Bar

10 Things Your Accountant Should Do to Grow Your Business

Sky Update – September 2019

Hospitality Consultants: Plant-Based Meat Alternatives to Boost Economy and Increase Jobs

Restaurant Consultants: Should You Rebrand Your Restaurant?

Accountants Sunbury: How to Predict the Growth of your Business

Accountants Ballarat: Improve Your Business Using the Value Builder System

Discount Effect Calculator

Client Focus: How Sky Accountants helped Latte Cartelle grow its business into Franchising

Club and Pub Accounting: Use a Recipe Cost Calculator to know your most profitable dish

Restaurant and cafe Bookkeeping: Wage as a Percentage of Sales

Restaurant and Café Accounting: How a Food Stocktake Calculator can help your business

Business Accountants Melbourne: How much can you scale your business? Use a Profit Possibilities Calculator

Restaurant Bookkeeping: Would it be better to open multiple venues or focus on just one?

Restaurant Accounting: Does your venue need the newest, most sophisticated kitchen equipment on the market?

Client Focus: Accounting for Restaurant and bar Buckley’s Entertainment Center

Hotel Management and Consulting: Domestic Overnight Travel Performs well in 2019, Should Motels Use Online Booking Services?

Restaurant Bookkeeping: Retail and Hospitality Businesses Welcome Sunday Penalty Rate Cuts

Sky Update – August 2019

Should You Start or Buy a Microhotel? Accountants Sunbury Ballarat Weigh In

Client Focus: Business Accounting for UV Wraps

Restaurant Bookkeepers: PM to Cut Government Red Tape to Encourage Investments

Payroll Solutions: How to Prevent Time Theft

Hospitality Bookkeeping: How to Address Underpayment in the Hospitality Industry

Sky Update – July 2019

Bookkeeping Firm: New Incentives for Employers and Apprentices Take Effect

Business Accounting Service: Structure Your Accounting to Understand Your Business Performance and Efficiency, Here’s How

Consultant for hotel industry: Hospitality will need 123,000 trained staff in 2020

Bookkeepers Melbourne: Does your small business need a financial manager or CFO?

Accounting Bookkeeping: How to Finance your Working Capital

Bookkeeping and Accounting: Small businesses to save money from lower energy prices

Food consultant company: Payroll tax to be reduced soon?

Bookkeeping for hospitality, restaurant, café, pub, hotel, bar and gaming businesses

Revenue Management: Should your restaurant or café use a delivery platform?

Sky Update – June 2019

Food beverage consultants: Liquor licensing fees to increase in South Australia

Revenue Management: How can you make your gaming venue, club or business more profitable?

Hotel Consulting Firms: Gaming regulator to increase fines for non-compliant casino operators?

Hospitality Accounting: Council fees for restaurants, cafes and small businesses to be cut by 50 per cent

Accounting and Bookkeeping for Clubs

Protect your business through insurance

Is the pub sector really in trouble? Hospitality accountants weigh in

Seek small business accounting services and find many ways to reduce your business tax

Consult with hospitality industry consultants to make sure you are Fair Work compliant

Bookkeeping company: Tips on how to design your club or pub business to be profitable

How your business can benefit from cloud accounting and the help of a Xero bookkeeper Melbourne

Bookkeeping firm gives tips on how you can grow your family business

Business Bookkeeping: Important Single Touch Payroll Things You Need to Know

Morrison and the Federal Budget: Business Tax Accounting Services You May Need

Sky Update – May 2019

Australian Election 2019: Impact on the Economy

Improve your business by understanding your figures at a glance with the help of hospitality accountants

Business accounting service: Tax planning in time for the EOFY 2019

Xero bookkeepers give tips on inventory management

Help your restaurant thrive by outsourcing hospitality bookkeeping services

Staff public holiday penalty rates and entitlements

How to deal with public holiday surcharge

Sky Update – April 2019

Restaurant Bookkeeping Guide

Determine the Correct Payroll Award for your Restaurant Employees

Sky Accountants named a finalist in the Australian Accounting Awards 2019 for Innovator of the Year

Avoid these FBT mistakes to avoid attracting the ATO’s attention

New phone scam imitates ATO phone numbers

Budget Update – Instant Asset Write-off Changes Now Law

Federal Budget 2019-20

Casual Workers to Permanent Employees

Single Touch Payroll for Restaurants, Cafes and other hospitality businesses

How can artificial intelligence improve your business?

GST mistakes to avoid this tax season

What are franking credits?

Sky Update – March 2019

Avoid corporate insolvency with the help of your accountant

Price parity practice to end in the hospitality industry?

Hospitality Industry Threats & Opportunities 2019

Single Touch Payroll News and Updates

Comply with your withholding obligations to claim tax deduction

Tips on how to improve your cash flow

How to build a good business credit profile

Manage your variable expenses to effectively forecast budget and expenditure

SMSF: Timeframe to become compliant shortened to aid acceptance of employer super guarantee

Find out if you are Fair Work compliant to avoid hefty fines

Are you required to pay payroll tax?

Sky Update – February 2019

Is your business ready to go global?

How does the accelerated tax reduction affect your business?

Scott Morrison offers small business tax relief and full-time jobs

The current and expected state of the hospitality sector in Australia

Xero: New navigation, tools and features

Why engaging an accountant may be the best decision you can make for your business

Hotel and Accommodation Trends in 2019

Hospitality Market Research 2019

How to build a loyal market for your restaurant

How to make a hidden, out-of-the-way restaurant or café work

Important things to do ahead of EOFY 2019

Law changes that might affect your business

Xero Accountants: Small business Tips and Tricks

Business Tips: Understand and grow your business through these numbers

Small business instant write-off increased to $25,000

Small Business Tips: BAS and GST Preparation

Low-cost STP reporting software for small businesses

Sky Update – January 2019

Bitcoin: What the future holds for cryptocurrencies

Is food delivery good for your business?

AFCA – Save money and business relationships without the need for litigation

Would you use a fintech loan to grow your business?

Prepare your business for Australia Day 2019

Allow your people to innovate or you’ll miss great opportunities

Sky Update – December 2018

How to Save Your Business from Unexpected Tax Fees

How to save money for your small business

SME grants, vouchers and assistance programs for small businesses

Sky Update – November 2018

Accounting and Bookkeeping for Pubs

Can your business run without you?

Secure a valid liquor license to avoid expensive fines

Small business tax deductions: What you can and cannot claim

Is your business considered a “small business?”

How to manage your roster effectively

Don’t forget to check patron IDs to avoid offense

Want to launch a startup? See if you identify with these

Record keeping management tips for small businesses

Ways to manage your business finances effectively

Long term business planning: Start digitising your processes

How to launch a highly functioning loyalty program

Be an environmentally friendly restaurant, bar or café

Avoid underpaying your staff

Why proper planning is important for a new business to survive

Technology trends in the hospitality industry in 2018

Cancel out noise in your minimalist design

Sky Update – October 2018

Phelps maintains her lead: A Wentworth By-Election 2018 Summary by Sky Accountants

Sky Update – September 2018

Know which award is best for your restaurant or café

LGLA Act: Important changes effective July and September 2018, May 2019 for liquor licensees

Newsletter – Sky Update – August 2018

Gaming expenditure data for 2017-18 now released

How to foster good communications within your business and team

Newsletter – Sky Update – July 2018

Cash access changes in gaming venues

Sustainability: Will lab-grown meat be accepted in the hospitality industry?

Victorian businesses win in new financial year law changes

Sky Update – June 2018

Sky Update – May 2018

Important things to consider when renewing your lease

Victorian budget 2018: Surpluses of about $2.5 billion per year in four years

2018 liquor license renewal

VCGLR launches new safe function guidelines

Should you turn your business into a franchise?

Financially Speaking – Autumn 2018

Sky Update – April 2018

What to expect from the new audit process for gaming venues

How small to medium businesses can benefit from policy documents

Sky Update – March 2018

Sky Update – February 2018

Investment Market Outlook – 7 March 2018

Sky Update – January 2018

Financially Speaking – Summer 2017

Sky Update – November 2017

Sky Update – October 2017

Sky Update – September 2017

Sky Update – August 2017

Financially Speaking – Spring 2017

Sky Update – July 2017

Sky Update – June 2017

End of Financial Year 2017

Sky Update – May 2017

Federal Budget 2017-2018

Sky Update – April 2017

Sky Update – March 2017

Fringe Benefits Tax 2017

Sky Update – February 2017

Why should I prepare a budget for my business?

Sky Update – November 2016

Sky Update – October 2016

Top tips for a profitable food service business

Sky Update – September 2016

$500,000 Personal Contributions Limit Scrapped

Sky Update – August 2016

How to run a profitable kitchen – reduce waste

Contractor or Employee?

Sky Update – July 2016

Top 5 Cloud Based Hospitality Applications

The Role of the Board

In Search of the Paperless Office?

Is Your Business Ready for SuperStream?

Sky Update – June 2016

Top 3 Most Common Mistakes In Hospitality Businesses

End of Financial Year 2016 is Just Around the Corner

The Rise of Cloud Accounting Technology

Federal Budget 2016-2017

The Penalty Rate Conundrum

R&D Tax Incentive Deadline – 2 May

SuperStream – Less Than 100 Days to Get Ready

Fringe Benefits Tax 2016

The Three Levers of Profit

Small Business Restructure Roll-over Bill

Research & Development Tax Incentive

Is possession 9/10ths of the law?

The “silly season” is here again

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)

Waste not want not

Discretionary Trusts & Corporate Beneficiaries

Have you reviewed your pricing lately?

Property investing – what records should I keep?

EOFY 2015 is fast approaching

Work related business travel and record keeping

Investing as a young person

Small business company tax cut official

Small business asset write-off

Are you under-appreciating your depreciation?

Avoiding overcapitalising

Why are accountants always on about super contributions?

The SuperStream standard

Expat Tax Services

Marketing, knowing and loving your customer

Paying Less Tax This Year

Personal Cash Flow

Six ways to profit from your summer escape

Australian Accounting Awards 2019 Winners Announced

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Business Accountants Ballarat: Stimulus Package for Businesses – Key Dates and Information

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