Restaurant Consultants: Should You Rebrand Your Restaurant?

By Sky Accountants

A restaurateur may want to rebrand his or her restaurant for several reasons such as attracting an expanded client base, staying competitive or boosting sales by appealing to a changing market. How far you should rebrand can be a complex decision, though. Most of the time, minor changes are enough but sometimes, changing the brand completely may be the wisest decision for the business. Restaurant consultants weigh in.

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Be careful when making a complete change, as doing so can sometimes negatively affect loyal customers who come to the restaurant because of familiarity with the menu, quality and decor. If you decide to rebrand your restaurant, you will move your loyal customers into a brand new experience and space.

The food game can be tough because it’s futile to do the same thing again and again, especially if it isn’t working. When completely rebranding, you must re-imagine the interiors and consider what décor and atmosphere you want to offer to your customers. You must think of a new concept and menu, or even a new team if need be.

Meanwhile, restaurants that have been an institution in the local dining scene may need only a few small changes. Some major refurbishment may be necessary to keep the venue modern and warm. For those that have been around for decades, consistency is important. Loyal customers have a certain expectation of what they want to eat, the feel of the interior and how they will be treated.

These restaurants need to live up to customer expectations and hopefully even exceed them. According to restaurant consultants, customers choose to dine at these venues for a specific kind of experience and operators should be careful not to disrupt it too much. One problem that old-fashioned or traditional restaurants have is it can be hard to draw attention when the hospitality industry always wants the new trend and the unusual.

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