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Starting 1 November 2021, as an employer, you need to search for the stapled fund of new employees that start with your business and do not nominate a fund by filling out the Superannuation Standard Choice form using the ATO Online Services.


A stapled super fund is an existing super account that’s stapled or linked to an employee so it follows them even if they change jobs. It aims to reduce super account fees the employee may be subjected to when a new super fund account is opened every time he or she starts a new job.

You must request stapled super fund details when a new employee starts after 1 November 2021 and make super guarantee payments for the employee. This employee may choose a super fund but does not.

To prepare, review and update the access levels of your ATO Online Services authorised representatives. If he or she doesn’t have full access, they must have the Employee Commencement Form permission to request a stapled super fund and if he or she doesn’t need access, you must remove their permission to protect the employees’ personal data.

Super for contractors

First, you need to offer eligible employees a choice of their super fund, provide them with the form and pay their super into the account they have listed. If you have contractors, they are employees for super guarantee purposes and you may have to pay super for them. If they don’t make a choice, request a stapled super fund.

If the employee doesn’t choose a super fund, log into ATO online services to request their stapled super fund info. Enter the employee details, their TFN, full name, address and date of birth. You’ll be notified of the result shortly. The ATO will notify the employee of the request and after details have been provided.

You must pay for the employee’s super guaranteed contributions based on the stapled super fund provided.

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