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Accuracy in tax returns and financial statements are very important for a business. Business owners want business growth to be explained thoroughly by their accounting services provider so they can make wise decisions. They want reports that are easily digestible. It’s good to utilise the planning and financial analysis capabilities of your accountant. Your accountant is not part of your team but knows your business challenges so he can give you a good perspective. How do you benefit from your accounting professional?

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You need to check your growth options with a break-even analysis. Your small business accountant helps you with forecasting and budgeting. You can start setting up goals for the next 12 months and use simple graphs and charts to see if they’re realistic. The report should not be complex and easily analysed to know your past performance. You’ll see how variable costs and fixed costs compare with sales volume at various periods. This will help you determine how market conditions influence the business. If you know your period revenue and expenses, you can make a break-even analysis to plan for a profitable growth.

Your accountant can assist you in finding KPIs. KPIs matter for businesses. In retail, this is inventory turnover. In manufacturing, it can be direct costs. Your accountant knows this as he or she works with other clients. Your accountant will suggest methods to set up KPI reporting so you can see your performance and make better decisions.

Your accountant will also help you understand cash flow projections through financial reports from accounting software. You need this so you understand how staff, costs and product lines affect your cash flow.

Accounting firms also use benchmarking analysis tools to see how you are performing against other companies in the industry. Using industry benchmarks is good to set up your KPIs. You will know if your performance is good or if your cost ratios are within the norm or higher. Your tax return accountant can help you improve your bottom line.

Your accountant will help you know your business value. As a business owner, you love what you do but knowing your business value is important so you’re ready for opportunities when they come. You need to know your business value during different market conditions. You can then start business succession planning and build up people who might take over your business. You can maximise the value of the business and minimise tax liability.

You also need an advisory board with an accountant who knows other professionals like you. A right mix of professionals is a good way to brainstorm for any business. Business owners want accountants to be their trusted advisors especially since budgeting, forecasting, cash flow and analysis are very important in a business.

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