We regularly organise events for prospective, existing clients and anyone else who’s interested on a variety of subjects. You’ll find them featured here, along with other resources to learn from…

Sky Seminars – stay addicted to success Step off the treadmill and into a Sky Seminar and see how life could be different. 

“Isn't it time you got off the business treadmill and worked on your business and invested in yourself? Are you working 30+ hours a week, have poor cash flow, staffing issues and empty victories, miss your family time and feel like you’re running a race with no finish line? Then come along to one of our seminars and learn systematically how to get off the treadmill. We won’t teach you anything we haven't done ourselves. What we teach really works!” - Jamie Johns

The Wood Cutter story

“Sharpen the Saw means preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have – you” Stephen R Covey A guy stumbles across a Wood Cutter in the mountains and stops to watch him feverishly sawing at a very large tree. He notices that the Wood Cutter is working up a sweat, sawing and sawing, yet going nowhere.

The bystander notices that the saw the Wood Cutter is using is about as sharp as a butter knife. So he says to the Wood Cutter, "Excuse me Mr Wood Cutter, but I can’t help noticing how hard you are working on that tree, but going nowhere". “Yes, I know” says the Wood Cutter wiping sweat off his brow, “This tree seems to be giving me some trouble". The bystander replies, "But Mr Wood Cutter, your saw is so dull that it couldn't possibly cut through anything". "I know", says the Wood Cutter, "but I am too busy sawing to sharpen my saw". Is it time you stopped being like this Wood Cutter?

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