A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. – John C. Maxwell

Our leaders serve our people. Sky Accountants lead by identifying, recognising and celebrating our people and organisations. We tailor our management styles to individual employees and understand the importance of delegation and support.

We foster an environment that focuses on customer service, attentiveness to customer preferences, responsiveness to serve others and initiative. We empower our employees, knowing that customer loyalty is often determined by how our staff make our customers feel, by how much they demonstrate care for our customers.

We do not rest on their laurels because leadership is a process and the capacity to grow determines the capacity to lead. Personal growth drives influence, effectiveness and impact. We confront the challenges of our business stretching ourselves and doing our best to fulfill our highest potential. We collaborate to create high performing teams and use differences to encourage contribution and creativity.

Sky Accountants provide a safe and trusting environment with everyone having a sense of purpose, values and goals. We encourage our people to share information and be an empowered self-leader. There is no room for blame in our organisation because we own and share both our successes and failures. We also value the well-being of our people, making sure they’re happy and having fun at work.

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