How to foster good communications within your business and team

Most hospitality venues consider themselves like family but like all families, there can sometimes be flaws in the way they interact. Achieving healthy and productive internal communications is very important in any big or small business but it can take years before you master it. Sky Accountants Ballarat give tips on how to improve communications in your team.

Within the hospitality industry today, it is quite common for employees to form tight knit bonds that can resemble a family-like environment. However, as is the case with families in general, some are more effective in communicating and interacting than others. One of the key pillars upon which successful hospitality businesses are built is the clear, efficient and positive internal communication that takes place on a daily basis between employees and management. Being successful in this area may never happen for some businesses, whilst for others it can take years of mistakes and fine-tuning. Sky Accountants past experience in dealing with businesses within the hospitality industry has given us the tools required to assist your hospitality business in improving your internal communications.

In order to foster positive communication systems at a management level it is crucial to understand that each staff member is unique. In terms of training and learning some of your employees will benefit from using communication tools that are of a visual nature (e.g. through the use of presentations and booklets identifying OHS practices) whilst others may learn best via audio communication (e.g. a spoken message delivered at a staff meeting in relation to handling difficult customers). Alternatively some employees may excel when they are given the opportunity to carry out a learning task in a controlled environment (e.g. teaching staff to carry 4 plates at a time!).

There is no question that the hospitality industry is one of the most stressful and fast-paced workplaces which can lead to frustrations, disagreements and potential confrontations between team members. Management plays an important role in providing the leadership required to handle these situations. Being able to identify and utilise the correct communication tools for various situations when disputes and incidents arise among team members will help in maintaining the respect of employees and preventing escalations.

Technology today is improving at a rapid rate, with new programs now being increasingly used to assist management in circulating/managing general information and employee rosters. Further, there is also different kinds of software that allow management to look to their employees to provide suggestions for improving the business, allow for transparent communication in an anonymous setting and provide performance goals to be met.

The use of technology can then be used as a catalyst for providing discussion topics at staff meetings. The aim should be to keep meetings predominantly light-hearted so staff feel comfortable. They can provide for highlighting the recent successes of the team, debate on any systems or processes in the business that may require review and for sharing any other key updates (e.g. recognizing employee milestones – birthdays, anniversaries, life events). Always seek to give your employees the opportunity to raise items for the meeting’s agenda prior to it taking place as this can assist in revealing potential issues within the business.

The goal of Sky Accountants Ballarat is to help hospitality businesses to maximize their full potential by developing tailored strategies and systems that allow them to save time and money. Reduced costs, efficient systems and fast turn arounds are ingredients to success but keeping track of profits and expenses are also just as important for a business. Internal communication between management and employees is a significant ingredient in achieving this.

With our years of experience, you can consult us about your business structure, operations, management, tax breaks and responsibilities and other concerns surrounding your hospitality business. Click here to speak to Sky Accountants Ballarat who specialise in the hospitality industry. We are big believers in the use of professional tools to manage your business. The right tools can streamline your processes so that the business is best placed to trade profitably.

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