Gaming expenditure data for 2017-18 now released


For 2017-18, the total expenditure is 2,695,284,02, which is an increase of 3.29% from the previous year.

The VCGLR publishes gaming data routinely on the fourth Friday of every month and bi-annually for several expenditure sets, including gaming expenditure by local government area, which provide information relating to region classification, total gaming expenditure and the number of electronic gaming machines and gaming venues per LGA.

The gaming expenditure data by LGA is a dynamic content page with a LGA listing that provides details such as identification of gaming venues within the LGA, mapping of geographical location of all venues, current year expenditure, venue location and classifications and license and nominee details.

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The gaming expenditure by venue dataset, on the other hand, is released bi-annually and provides information relating to the total expenditure at each gaming venue, including venue classification and the allocation of EGMs throughout Victoria. It is a dynamic content page that provides details of the gaming venue, including current year expenditure, venue location and classifications, license and nominee details. Meanwhile, the Licensed Venue Map plots all gambling and liquor venues across regional and metropolitan Victoria.

Gambling on EGMs is a legal recreational and commercial activity and the gaming expenditure data is in line with the objective of fostering responsible gaming and minimising harm caused by problem or minor gambling. It aims to provide for the allocation of gambling machine entitlements to maximise the financial and social benefits to the Victorian community within the regulatory framework applying to the allocation of entitlements.

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