Food beverage consultants: Liquor licensing fees to increase in South Australia


Liquor licensing fees are about to increase by around 600 per cent for late-night venues in Adelaide. Operators are now considering whether they should stay open past 2:00 am and it’s a good time for venue operators to speak with food beverage consultants.

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Some workers and business owners are rallying to fight the changes, fearing these would lead to lockout laws and upend the celebrated nightlife of Adelaide. Adelaide owes its recent progress to the vibrancy of the industry and locals are wary of what has occurred to the bar culture in Sydney over the past few years after it implemented harsh liquor licensing laws.

Workers fear that the same would happen to South Australia. The increase in liquor licensing fees may affect jobs, employment rates and the profitability of venues. They stress that plenty of clubs in Adelaide have local and international talents perform at their late-night entertainment venues but if these increases are given the go ahead it would become too difficult for these venues to remain open after 2:00 am, thus compromising the ‘Music State’ title South Australia has become known for. It would be good to talk to food beverage consultants or an accountant to find out how these changes could affect your business, so you can make the right decisions.

Some owners would be left with little choice but to close by 2:00 am because a 600 per cent increase is “just too much.” They believe it would kill the small bar culture in South Australia and venues specialising in the sale of Australian wines and other products that benefit the local economy. However, the only places that may afford to operate after 2:00 am are the large venues. Employees and producers are expected to feel the changes the most. The State Government, however, has said that it doesn’t want lockout laws or to reduce the vibrancy of Adelaide’s nightlife. Officials do not see it as an equivalent to Sydney’s lockout laws.

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As you look for different ways to grow and improve your business, seeking professional advice could prove to be an important and helpful decision.

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