Consultant for hotel industry: Hospitality will need 123,000 trained staff in 2020


The hospitality industry will need about 123,000 more employees in 2020 but according to a consultant for hotel industry, businesses are having a hard time meeting even the current demand because of the lack of trained staff in many parts of Australia.

Consultant for Hospitality Businesses

It is an issue that needs to be addressed in cities and more so, in many regional areas. Staff are needed in the hospitality industry – chefs, engineers, admin staff, food and beverage, marketing and finance. In Sydney alone, there are about 10,000 rooms in the pipeline. Tourism Accommodation Australia urges the Government to act now and ensure that the country has the workforce required for the future.

TAFE intends to develop courses for the hospitality industry such as tailored traineeships in hotel operations; accredited pre-traineeship and pre-apprenticeship programs for hospitality; and work placements for school students who choose Vocational Education and Training hospitality and cookery courses.

The hospitality industry has had issues with how the country trains, pays and recruits its staff. To address shortages, a consultant for the hotel industry has encouraged operators to provide training for the workers by offering short sessions in their venues during long hours of downtime. Middle managers are urged to frequently follow up and reinforce what is taught.

A simple step-by-step guide may be used to assist the managers in training and monitoring as they deliver. A 90-minute training session in a pub bar should allow the trainee to start working with an experienced colleague. Short content should also be given to follow up, remind and reinforce the trainee’s knowledge and skills after the training.

The hospitality and tourism industry needs to innovate and develop an upskilling model that works with this generation’s needs and expectations. It has to be available to managers regardless of location and not disrupt the operations of businesses. The industry is currently working on a long-term strategy to address the skills shortage issue.

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