Sky Accountants can help you plan and start your business. We can help you set up the systems you will need and a good foundation for a successful business. Together we can determine the best business structure for you, analyse your financial and business plan and find the right accounting software for you. We will make sure you comply with all government requirements and regulations and track expenses of your business activities daily.

Meanwhile, if you are a business owner, you may have spent some time trying to find ways to stretch your funds or cut business costs to increase your profit. You have a solid understanding of business finances but if you lack experience in managing books, an incorrect accounting system can hurt a business in the long run. We provide the most vital information you need to understand how you can grow your business and make money, what your cash flow is and where your profit goes.


Once a business is set up, you need to maintain an accounting system. As your accountant, we help make sure your independent contractors are classified as such by the ATO and explain your financial statements to help you understand the ins and outs of your business. Sky Accountants can oversee your company payroll and payment processes, provide tax advice, submit your taxes and create financial reports for you.

We help you grow your business by helping you determine areas for growth through insights on inventory management, pricing, cash flow patterns and business financing. We also provide advice on equipment and property leasing and purchase, work with your business budget and support your business goals through financial forecasts. We create, interpret and implement financial reports, balance sheets, bank statement reconciliation, etc. for you.

Sky Accountants help you avoid audit by the ATO and if necessary, guide you through one. In case you would want to sell your business, our experienced team will provide you valuable counsel and resources. An accountant and bookkeeper can form a very efficient team that will help maintain the fiscal health of your business.


Accounting is a very important part of any successful business. It is the language of business. It shows you the state of your business in numbers through profit, loss, credit and debit records.

Sky Accountants read it, speak it and understand it to help you get ahead of the game. Let’s keep an eye on your margins, set goals and targets and make informed decisions to reach them. In this fast-paced global economy, time is money but unlike money, once time is gone there’s no getting it back. Take control of your finances, improve your company’s bottom line and be a successful entrepreneur.

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