Client Focus: Accounting for Restaurant and bar Buckley’s Entertainment Center

Businesses look to accounting firms for advice on becoming more efficient and cutting costs in today’s increasingly competitive business environment. Fortunately, accountants have further incorporated new technology to help their clients forecast results and boost profits. Accounting for restaurants and bars requires a specialised skill.

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Sky Accountants take an advisory role in helping drive growth in their clients’ businesses. We help our clients take a step out of their comfort zone in a bid to grow their business. We educate, inspire and motivate – such was the case with our client, Buckley’s Entertainment Center.

Buckley’s in Geelong opened in 1993 and has grown into one of the largest and most popular clubs in Victoria. It was first developed to assist local football leagues and football clubs and first opened with a 140 seat Bistro, TAB., Bar Lounge and a Gaming Room. Today, it has become the entertainment hub in Geelong employing in excess of 90 staff.

According to Michael Tonks, CEO of Buckley’s Entertainment Center, he has used the services of Jamie Johns and the Sky Accountants team for over eight years.

“I’ve used Jamie and the guys there for over eight years. They have been absolutely fabulous in their approach. They’re not just a tax agent, they’re business professionals that put your business in a new direction. Having worked in hospitality myself for 30 years, I’ve worked with numerous accountants and accounting companies. The guys are different with regards to their whole business structure and how they structured my own business. We went from Buckley’s that’s a business to a multi-million dollar profitable business,” Michael says.

“We’re the leader in the industry and one of Victoria’s best clubs. Jamie has given me advice on restructuring our whole business from cash flow forecasting to profit and loss and to obtaining a better bottom line. Due to the brilliant nature, they’re doing my own personal tax and tax of many of my individual employees. He’s not just a tax agent, he’s someone who will help your whole business. Jamie and the boys are fabulous at doing it. If you simply want someone to do your tax, go somewhere else! If you want someone to look after and specialise in improving your business, go to the guys in Ballarat. They are very positive people and have a whole new approach,” Michael added.

Through diverse marketing strategies, Buckley’s has developed into a real success story in the region. Since its inception it has added a 300-seat auditorium, alfresco dining area, touch screen TV’s, private dining and special occasion areas, among others.

Buckley’s also purchased the 61-room motel Mid City Warrnambool, which has been transformed into a modern day stylish accommodation. It prides itself on continuing improvements and on assisting various community groups, charities, sporting clubs as well as donating goods and services to many local schools and businesses.

Sky Accountants are proactive in the way they touch base with their clients always seeking to find specific opportunities to help grow their businesses. We are a strategic partner to Buckley’s and the rest of our client base. We help our clients utilise SWOT analyses, spot market trends and adopt digital tools that can increase their ability to evolve.

Need a bit of assistance with your business? Contact a Sky Accountants representative today. You won’t regret it.

Some of our clients include Ballarat Leagues Club, Daylesford Hotel, Bacchus Marsh Golf Club, Campbell Point House, Midlands Ballarat, The Urban Newtown, Maryborough Midland Society, etc.

Aside from business consultation, we also offer accounting for restaurants and bars, bookkeeping, back office, SMSF and POS services designed to help you achieve greater financial success.

You can click here to speak to a businessaccounting and bookkeeping firm. We also offer hospitality business consultation and mortgage services. We will give you a call to know more about your needs. We will explain to you how we can improve your business.

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