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The end of financial year is just around the corner so preparations have to be made to make sure your trade business is sorted for the 2021 financial year.

It’s important to make sure your financial data is correctly recorded in your accounting software to save in fees and make sure data is accurate when management reports are run. Paid subcontractors must all be recorded correctly on the books. Check their name, address and ABN. Check their ABN through the ABR website to see if they’re registered for GST. Those who are not registered for GST won’t be able claim the GST component of the invoice and the bill needs to be recorded with a GST-free tax code.

Correctly recording subcontractors will help you complete a Taxable Payments Annual Report, which you need to lodge annually by 28 August. This summarises paid subcontractors and the GST amount paid to each of them. JobKeeper payments must also be recorded under Other Income. These are GST-free and assessable for tax purposes.

You also need to record cashflow boost payments separately under Other Income. These are non-assessable, non-reportable and GST-exclusive. Personal expenses are coded to Director’s Loan account as business accounts must contain business income and expenses only.

Pay runs must also be filed under Single Touch Payroll. Wages and superannuation data need to be finalised via STP reporting by 14th July 2021. You do not have to provide payment summaries to your employees for payments reported and finalised through STP.

Review your performance from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021. You may reduce tax payable if your profit and loss shows a large profit. Trade business with an aggregated turnover of $5 billion or less can deduct the business part of the cost of eligible new depreciating assets immediately. These should be first used, first held or installed ready for use for tax purposes from 6 October 2020 to 30 June 2022. Those with an aggregated turnover of $50 million or less can use temporary full expensing to the business part of eligible second-hand depreciating assets. Note that a car limit applies to the cost of passenger vehicles made to carry a load less than a tonne and fewer than nine passengers. This financial year, the car limit is $59,136 inclusive of GST.

Superannuation for June 2021 quarter is payable by 28 July 2021. If super is paid before 30 June, your trade business will receive a tax deduction for the 2021 FY not 2022 FY. For extra super contributions, the concessional contribution cap for 2021 FY is $25,000. These are employer contributions like salary sacrifice and super guarantee contributions. To get additional tax deduction, you can pay extra before 30 June 2021 up to the concessional cap. Get in touch with your accountant or financial adviser to know how much additional super contributions you can pay.

Your business structure is important in determining the amount of tax you pay. Sole trader is the cheapest and simplest business structure but individual tax rates apply to the business income and these increase as taxable income increases. Base rate companies pay 26% flat tax rate for 2021 FY on taxable income. It can be overwhelming to plan and prepare for tax and EOFY but your accountant can help you with your compliance needs.

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